My-Habits 2.2

The easiest way to build and keep up good habits
and get the most satisfaction out of it!

Building good habits is hard
and requires a dedication and discipline.

This is why getting the right and simple tools to help is so important. We have developed an excel file that will give you all you need to stick with the habits you want for your life and see your progress every day.

You can set up your objectives, create a routine, follow your improvement and give yourself the rewards that will keep you fulfilled and motivated.

Because we know that it is so difficult to stick up to healthy habits in the long run.
And we know that we often lack incentives and motivation to find the strengh to combat procrastination.

Our tool demands so little time
to start and get motivation.

Change your habits. Change your life. See for yourself!

My Habits Examples 3
My Habits Examples 2

See how it works

You just have to list the habits you would like to build and stick up to in a month. And of course, do not forget to mention the rewards your give yourself for doing good 🙂

Everyday, you just check out which tasks you have accomplished. Do not forget: You do not have to do everything everyday and be the perfect being!

Depending on the objectives you set (task frequency, for instance), you will be able to see if you fave fulfilled your goal.

If you achieve your daily or monthly objectives, you will see how much progress you have accomplished (percentage of tasks achieved). This is so rewarding!

Build up healthy routines

Most online tools are just so complicated to start with and keep on using.

This is why we developed an easy-to-handle excel file to start building up the best routines for your life.

Track the percentage of your tasks to know the best days of the month, in a few minutes, YOU set your objectives, tasks and rewards. And you can see the results immediately.

My Habits Routine 30 days


Ready to start?
We invite you to start a little challenge that will produce significant impact in your life and give you the satisfaction you need.

This tool was made for you to impulse motivation, dedication and most importantly, a great feeling of accomplishment and self-improvement.

“Good habits are hard to form but easy to live with.
Bad habits are easy to form but hard to live with.”
Brian Tracy - Canadian motivational speaker

My-Habits 2.2

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